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The most important instrument for career development, growth, and success is you. Therefore, you must work to stretch beyond your comfort zone, fine-tune what you have to offer, and must do so continuously.

Our goal is to help you achieve your career goals through continuous self-directed learning, self-motivation, and self-discovery. I want to push you beyond your self-imposed limits while emphasizing your role as the owner of your career.

Stretch. Fine Tune. Repeat. 



August 31, 2019

 Google search the word micromanager, and you will find plenty of articles defining what a micromanager is and the negative impact being one has on employees. Low productivity, stress, poor morale, turnover, broken relationships, and even losing one's job are all tied...

December 6, 2017

For years, I have struggled with the concept of happiness, both as the responsibility of those around me to provide it and of me providing it to others. Be it, my wife or children, my mother or siblings, friends or colleagues, I have tried not to place that responsibil...

December 5, 2017

A few years back, I called a friend seeking advice after I joined a new company.

I was having a hard time adjusting to the change, to the way things were being done compared to my prior experiences. It was not about inappropriate or unethical behavior; nothing about com...

October 4, 2017

Take a listen to my podcast interview with 
Mary Lou Kayser about career growth and asking for what you want.

PS: no, I am not the head of HR for Crescent Hotels & Resorts. My boss Laura Warner is the head and the one who allows me to do all this that I enjoy. 


March 26, 2017

So how did I end up in HR? Why I started Stretch The String? Listen to this podcast and learn how and why I enjoy what I do.


Your journey, your career. Own it.

If you want your question answered, email me...

February 18, 2017

George writes:

I am a hard worker. A very hard worker. I have been working since I was 14 years old. I get to work early, leave late, and even work from home. But somehow, that is not enough for him. Why is that? What can I do? 

Hello George,

If y...

February 18, 2017

A few years back, I applied for a position for which I believed I was qualified. I had an internal contact with the company. This colleague knew well enough my work, and I was hoping he would serve as an advocate of my qualifications. All excited, I decided to give him...

January 26, 2017

 Leslie pregunta:

Trabajo como recepcionista en un hotel. En mayo próximo estaré graduándome con un grado Asociado en Gerencia de Hoteles y Restaurantes.  Me gustaría obtener algún concejo sobre la manera en la que debo solicitar para una posición gerencial en la compañ...

January 22, 2017

 Leslie writes:

I am a front desk agent. This upcoming May I will be graduating and receiving my associate’s degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management. I would like some advice on how I can apply for a management position with my company, even though I do not possess any...

January 19, 2017

Cuando empezamos a trabajar, rápidamente reconocemos la importancia de ser un buen gerente. Es posible que no sepamos exactamente cómo hacerlo nosotros mismos, pero podemos comprender fácilmente cómo nuestros superiores nos manejan a nosotros y a los demás, o al menos...

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