"Providing professional advice is what drives me. Seeing people succeed is the reward."
Gustavo Serbiá 
Gustavo Serbia, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, MHRM HR

Achieving success requires some luck, great timing, but above all a set of actions and behaviors that must be applied regardless of what is desired, or our circumstances, to stretch beyond the tendencies that hold us back.

You must also know that the most important instrument in achieving your goals is you.  Therefore, fine-tuning what you have to offer (your skills, knowledge, expertise), is a crucial component of achieving what you desire. There is no way around it; you must stretch beyond these tendencies and fine-tune your overall you continuously; daily.


That is why I started Stretch The String.  To help individuals achieve their career goals.  We will do this by focusing on self-directed learning, self-motivation, and self-discovery.  

I am a Human Resources leader with 20 years of experience, trustworthy and influential, and with a history of proven results, which I have applied in the various environments I have been part of. I have worked in the hospitality industry, entertainment, with airlines and universities. I have worked with geographically dispersed organizations, and I have international experience as I have been to Hong Kong and Europe.

I build trust and credibility by listening to the needs of those I serve. I enjoy empowering others so that they can overcome obstacles and achieve their performance goals and objectives.

Take control of your career:

Stretch. Fine Tune. Repeat